Jason Jaekel

Hop farmer, restaurateur, husband, father, beer enthusiast and now co-owner of North Grove Brewers. Jason has firmly planted his roots down in Montague. Jason graduated from Montague High School back in 2003 and went on to earn two bachelors degrees at Michigan State University. He and his wife, Misty, now run the iconic Dog’n Suds Drive-in, home of the best coney dogs in the state.

While traveling to Australia and Tasmania, Jason first discovered his interest in craft beer. It only heightened after the discovery of Dirty Bastard from Founders Brewing Co. That beer really blew him away. Nowadays he tends to go for India Pale Ales first.

In 2013, Jason started West Michigan Hopyards with a couple friends from MSU. Around this time he started to think about a brewery belonging in Montague. Growing up in Montague, he always felt that the town had a lot to offer. It was because of this that he settled down with his family in the house next door to the one he grew up in. As the hop yard began to grow, so did the idea of the brewery. The only thing was that Jason had no experience brewing.

In 2017 Jason reached out to one of his largest customers, Brewmaster and Montague Native RJ Nordlund, to see what he thought about the idea… The rest is history.